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2006-09-06: parkprevent

The Seagate HDs in first-generation Mac Minis have this annoying habit of moving the head into and out of the park position every couple of seconds, which is noticeable because it produces a clicking noise, often described as "like dropping a marble on glass". It's apparently caused by a bug in the HD's firmware.

Now while this behaviour doesn't seem to be harmful to the drive, it is somewhat annoying because of the noise it produces. I've whipped up a very small C program called parkprevent that works around the issue by writing a few bytes to the disk every couple of seconds. It's not a perfect solution, since that write also produces some noise, but it's a lot less than what the parking procedure produces.

2006-02-17: psearch

I've put up psearch, a utility for searching the FreeBSD ports.

2005-07-31: JavaScript Calculator

I've created a simple JavaScript Calculator.

2005-07-21: New HOWTO

I've finally written down the steps to create a jailed SFTP server.

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